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Complex Types

Jun 24, 2011 at 10:36 PM

I made a OData Provider using IQToolKit and I ran into a problem with Complex Types.

When I used a Complex Type in a $where IQToolKit seemed to misunderstand and try and process it as if it was a relationship to another Entity.

$where=Address/Street eq 'something'

instead of doing Address_Street = 'something' it was looking for Primary / Foreign keys for a join something like [Customer] Join ->[Address].[Street] = 'something'

We had a choice of trying and dig deeper in IQToolKit or try and different Linq provider. 

Currently I'm testing EF4.1 Code First.  We keep all our IQToolKit POCO and mapped then to EF4.1. 

So far the problems with EF4.1:

  • Limited support for Compiled Views
  • Models with lots of relationships take a long time for it to start.  We are seeing 14secs when the views are compiled and 60+ secs when they are not compiled
  • Under IIS the compiled views are not working for us yet.

Overall IQToolKit seemed a better fit.  IQToolKit has a minimal start up time.  Less then a second.


Looking to see if anyone else is exploring these roads and what kind of issues they have ran accross.